EnviroStar utilizes a buy-and-build strategy that builds upon the entrepreneurial culture and success of acquired businesses. To that end, EnviroStar will seek to maintain the identity and culture of acquired businesses by upholding their historical operating practices, retaining their established trade names, management teams and sales organizations, and continuing their product brand-name offerings. Additionally, acquired businesses will be encouraged to operate in a manner that builds upon the long-term relationships they have established between their suppliers and customers. Management believes that this strategy will provide a competitive advantage over smaller, less-capitalized competitors and will be beneficial to EnviroStar in achieving and sustaining long-term success.

EnviroStar intends to maintain a disciplined and conservative approach that meets well-defined financial and strategic criteria. Specifically, EnviroStar expects to focus on buying market-leading businesses that fulfill EnviroStar’s objective to gain additional market share in new and existing geographies and to expand the scope of products and services offered.

EnviroStar will also focus on building its family of businesses by implementing a growth culture that encourages the exchange of ideas and business concepts among the executive teams and empowers management to execute with a focus on the long-term. EnviroStar aims to improve the customer experience by offering a broad range of product lines, including the necessary equipment, parts, and supplies, maintaining well located warehouse facilities for increased customer convenience, sustaining well-stocked inventories to ensure that customer orders are filled in a timely manner, providing a high degree of technical expertise and service, and developing and implementing advanced technology.